Borrowed Nature (BN) is a Bulgarian environmental non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 1992 by people with diverse professions and interests. BN members are united by the understanding that people today have to realize their responsibility to the coming generations for the non-equilibrium created as a result of the human activity.

main_enThe Mission
and the long term aims of BN are the following:

  • raising public awareness on environmental and human development problems;
  • developing a new value system based on principles of the sustainable development;
  • investment in human resources through campaigns, educational projects and dissemination ofinformation;
  • bringing Bulgarian NGOs and society generally closer to the European and global standards of environmental protection, sustainable development and active civic participation;
  • efficient use of material resources and energy, and change of consumption and production patterns;
  • effective interaction of local citizens’ organizations with businesses and local authorities.

BN has accummulated a substantial experience and knowledge in areas such as:

  • Environmental policy & legislation in the accession process
  • Urban environment
  • Air pollution
  • Waste management
  • Biodiversity
  • Soil pollution
  • Emissions
  • Water quality and waste water treatment
  • Transport & environment
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Energy & environment
  • Environmental education
  • Mass media
  • Video & film production
  • Sustainable development
  • Public participation
  • Global issues such as: Stratospheric ozone depletion, Acid rains, Climate change